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Window signs are used to identify your business name to your customers.   Window signs can also be used to tell your customers what you have to offer to your potential customers and what kind of business you are. In this case, a Ice Cream and Hot Dog Restaurant.   

This window sign is located at a Restaurant called Parker Avenue Creamery & Dogs 
360 Parker Avenue  •  Rodeo, CA  94572 

Special Thanks To:  Tony, Owner
Parker Avenue Creamery & Dogs

360 Parker Avenue •  Rodeo, CA  94572
Business is scheduled to open April 2012


 This window sign was designed from scratch for a new business called Parker Ave Creamery & Dogs.  This is a new business next to a staple hamburger restaurant in Rodeo. This new restaurant is also owned by the owner of D's Giant Burgers. He was satisfied with the prior work he hired Signs By Scott to do the vinyl work for the new business. Notice the "Coming Soon" to give passerbyers a heads up on the new business coming to Rodeo. The restaurant is scheduled to open in April 2012, but the window has been completed to give others something to look forward to in the near future.   

This layout is a single layer, three color layout using a red under yellow color layout for contrast. The images on the left and right side is to provide passerbyers a quick picture of what is offered.  Check them out after April 2012, when you are in the area for a nice refreshing ice cream cone or gourmet hot dog. 

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