Dye Sublimation is a new and break through technology that allows for full color impressions on items that were not available in the past. The technology has actually been around for a few years but was primarily confined to photographers and had a limited use. Now this same technology is available to others and the specially made products are now available are resonable pricing.

The process of dye sublimation involves special dyes/inks that transform from a solid to gas without passing through the liquid state. Unlike water, which would start as an ice cube, and as it is heated goes to liquid water, then to steam, these special dyes, using the water example, would go from an ice cube straight to steam without passing through the liquid state. The other portion of the dye sublimation process involves precice amounts of pressure and timing on the special substrates (items) to ensure proper bonding of the dyes.  This pressure is done in special use presses and ovens to make the transformation uniform and lasting. The final portion of the dye sublimation process is the substrate itself. The substrates are a specailly coated item to allow for the perminate bonding of the gas dye to fuse at the molecular level. This makes for a perminate and long lasting image on the product.

We can put your full color image and any text on all of the items we offer. We will make a full color layout/mock up for your review prior to making the final item so you can see EXACTLY what the item will look like before you get it. We do this so you are sure of what you want, and to make sure you know what you are getting so we can cut down on any mistakes. Only when YOU are completely satisfied with the layout will we proceed with your order. We want you to be sure of what you are getting and that you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the results. Send us an e-mail with your logo, photo, and/or text with a description and color choice(s) of what and how you would like the item layed out, and we will complete the mock up and return it to you right away for your approval.


We currently offer several items that can be printed to directly. 


Below is a small sample of some of the items available.  If you do not see what you need, contact us and lets see if you can make what you want into a reality.




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